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See how much you’ll pay and assess the benefits of extra payments

If you’re getting ready to buy a home, you want to know you’ll be able to afford your new mortgage loan payments before you make such an important decision. Using a mortgage payment calculator can help you define your price range and put you in a better position for negotiating the terms of your mortgage with your lender.

This mortgage calculator also shows how paying extra money on your mortgage will affect how soon you can pay your home off. This can help you determine if paying extra money to your mortgage will provide a benefit, or if your money would be better spent paying off other types of debts, such as your credit cards.

A couple making numbers to pay the mortgage

Your monthly payment would be:

Want to know how paying extra money would change the repayment of your mortgage?

Use the lines below to determine a strategy for paying your mortgage back faster. See how making extra payments would impact the amortization table, so you can pay off your home faster and with less interest.

Note: Choose one option below or any combination of options to calculate the impact of extra mortgage loan payments. If you fill in all of the options, the amounts shown will be recalculated with the assumption you are choosing to use all three repayment options together.

Pay extra with your monthly mortgage loan payment

Make an extra mortgage loan payment every year in

Make an one-time lump-sum payment of on

Keep in mind, changing the amortization table will change how fast you pay off your loan and how much you pay in interest, but will not affect your monthly loan payments. If you wish to make a more immediate impact on your finances, consider focusing first on unsecured debts, like your credit cards, to reduce your debt and improve your financial outlook.